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Nutritional Advice, Supplementation & Products
Dr. Hardison's nutritional advice will help patients on their life-long strategies to lose weight and stay healthy.

Fad diets with rapid weight-loss are only temporary, and when your diet plan is over and you go back to your old habits, you gain the weight you lost.

Dr. Hardison will provide healthy nutritional guidance in order for you to reach your goals - not temporarily but for a lifetime.

Our top-of-the-line Chiropractic Blend™ supplements are available to fill-in the gaps of your nutritional plan.

Hardison Family Chiropractic sells "top of the line" cervical (neck) pillows, Real Time Pain Relief Cream (the best topical pain reliever you can get) and TENS units (home use muscle stimulation units). Some insurance companies cover TENS units at 100%.