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New Patient Chiropractic Packet

At Hardison Family Chiropractic & Wellness, we use a 4-stage process for chiropractic care for best results and optimum success.

Step 1:

A chiropractic examination will be performed and individual specific x-rays will be taken to determine the cause of the problem and the severity of the condition.

Step 2:

Therapies such as muscle stimulation (like getting a nice relaxing massage to loosen up tight and tender muscles), ultrasound (to eliminate/break down scar tissue that restricts range of motion), lumbar-traction (releases tension and tightness in the low-back area) and T-Zone (whole body vibration system) help ease patients' symptoms and help them relax before the adjustment.

Step 3:

After the examination and x-rays are performed, and the patient is relaxed and feeling better, a specific adjustment to the spine is performed. This adjustment is designed to relieve nerve interference and muscle tension. This is done by using a manual (Hands On) technique specific to the patient. Other (Lighter Force) techniques are available if required.

Step 4:

Rehabilitative exercises for the neck, mid-back, and low-back are used following the adjustment to strengthen muscles around the spine and to hold the adjustment into place.

We are an In-Network provider with most insurance companies.