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Our Staff - Hope Hardison, Dr. Todd Hardison, DC, and Sonja. Dr. Hardison has over 15 years in chiropractic which offers wholistic treatment from back, neck, shoulder, and leg pain as well as promotes overall wellness for all ages. Lipo Light, offered exclusively at Hardison Family Chiropractic, is the latest and most effective techonology availible for <em>non-surgical</em> fat reduction and face lift. Spinal exercises and rehabilitation therapy to strengthen muscles. Expert nutritional counseling complemented with top-of-the-line Chiropractor's Blend™ Nutritional Supplementation. Natural Physique & Bodybuilding Contest<br><br>For the amature contestant<br> <blockquote> “Challenging Yourself to Get in the Best Shape <em>Ever</em>“</blockquote>


  • Chiropractic Service

    Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

    Dr. Hardison has over 15 years experience in the Athens-area using a wide range of techniques and therapies to treat all types of conditions.

    Health, wellness, and preventative care is the primary focus of our clinic.

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  • Fat Reduction Technology

    Lipo-Light / T-Zone Fat Reduction Technology System

    Lipo-Light is the latest, most effective technology available to reduce stubborn body fat. Lipo-Light targets multiple areas to shrivel & shrink the size of the fat cell with zero downtime.

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  • Nutritional Counseling & Supplementation

    Nutritional Counseling & Supplementation

    Dr. Hardison has a degree in nutrition offering expert consulting for all nutritional needs. To maximize results, we stock and recommend Chiropractor's Blend™; the finest nutritional supplements available using the highest quality ingredients.

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  • Rehabilitation & Exercise

    Rehabilitation & Exercise

    Helps to stabilize your chiropractic adjustment, holding your spine in precise position longer.

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